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Dear Arun and family,
…….. We had a wonderful time in Bharatpur and we enjoyed very much our stay in your excellent guesthouse. The delicious meals in the rooftop restaurant and the nice talks we had with you and your brother……
Kind regards.
Jack and Mary den Rider Hulsdonk 11
4844 RR Terheijden, Netherla.


Dear Mr. Tarun Singh and family,
……Thank so much for your warm concern when we were in India.The time we stayed at Kiran Guest House is worth for memory….
Best Wishes,
Kan and Fung, Flat A, 22/F, BIK 2,
Nan Fung Sun Chaen, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, China.

Namaste to the Singh family,
……..We still carry fond memories of our two visits with you and have told many friends of your kindness and warm hospitality, We also write the lonely planet.
Loern and Becky Schmidt, 429,North 61st Street,
Seattle, WA 98103,USA.

To everyone at Kiran Guest House,
………This to say thank you so much for looking after me so well when I was Ill. will never forget your kindness…..
Best Wishes,
Alek Robbins, 64 sellwood road, abaigdon,
Oxor, ox14, IPF U.K.



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