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Weather Information

Maximum Temp: 450 C (Summers), 270 C (Winters)
Minimum Temp: 270 C (Summers), 70 C (winters)
Best Time to Visit: October to March

From being quite hot in summers to cold in winters, Bharatpur experiences quite variations in its seasons. The summer season at the place lasts from the month of April to that of June. During this time, the maximum temperature escalates to as high as 45° C, making the heat quite unbearable. The minimum temperature, on the other hand, comes down to somewhere around 27°C. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer to stay away from the bird sanctuary around this time. Monsoons, which start around end-June or early-July, bring some respite from the extreme climatic conditions of Bharatpur.

During the arrival of the rains, the average temperature in Bharatpur comes down to quite an extent. However, the humidity is high, hovering around 70% to 75%. Around October, winter start falling at Bharatpur, where the maximum temperature falls down to about 27° C. The minimum temperature is noted to be somewhere around 7°C. Fog and mist is a normal feature of the weather in the month of January. The season comes to an end by February. As to the best time to visit Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, October to March would be perfect, with the weather at its very best.


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